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Sleeves Or Wraps For Strongman?

February 19, 2021

We all know that wraps are KING when it comes to adding pounds on your squat, but what if we have to hit a ton of reps?

Obviously we need to be able to keep squatting even when we are tired and for very high rep sets wraps can be more restrictive so what about using sleeves instead. ⁣

In this video Ken Nowicki (@knstrongman) shares some of my thoughts on wraps vs sleeves for squatting in strongman, and also a quick tip on how to get a pair of TIGHT sleeves on effortlessly.



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1 comment

  • My Triple ply knee sleeves are my all time favorite piece of support gear. I use them for squats, log press, Frame carry, and tire flip. They are great !

    Michael Harris on

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