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About CERBERUS Strength USA


My name is Ken Nowicki, and I am the director of Cerberus Strength USA, as well as a former Scotland's Strongest Man winner. Just like the team at head office in Scotland, I became involved from a love of strength sports and strongman in particular.

After moving from Scotland to the USA, I was approached by Calum and Peter from Cerberus Strength to ask if I would be interested in being involved with the brand as a sponsored athlete. Once I received their products, I knew I wanted to be involved in a much more in-depth role.

Having competed in strongman for over a decade now, when I first got my hands on the products they blew me away due to the extremely high quality matched with aesthetic designs. That is when I started Cerberus Strength USA. I wanted to provide the same high quality products to a market which I felt had become somewhat stagnant with diminishing product quality.

We've greatly expanded our product range since the launch of Cerberus Strength USA , and still have a lot of fantastic products in the works. Thank you to all our customers - past and present. We are extremely grateful for your support, and we can't wait to continue to provide you with the same high quality products you need for years to come!

Cerberus Strength was established in 2012 by Calum Liptrot and Peter MacDonald-Brown.

Both active lifters, they were frustrated by the lack of choice, poor quality and high cost of training supports available in the UK.

With over 30 years combined experience in the fitness industry they knew what was required from these products and set out to design and develop their own range. Cerberus Strength was born.

As co-owners of a strongman strength training facility and training with some of the world’s top strength athletes they had the perfect opportunity to test their supports at the highest level. This guaranteed the durability, quality and strength of the products ensuring the ultimate competitive edge.

Every single Cerberus Strength product has been designed with performance in mind with the highest attention to detail.

Cerberus Strength has evolved into a global brand symbolising quality and trust. Our ever growing product range is used by top athletes around the world at the highest level of competition.

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