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Which Tacky Do I Need?

August 22, 2018

We have 3 different grades of tacky - why so many? Each grade has its own purpose so let’s have a closer look at which one is best for you!

First of all, why use tacky?
Tacky will also reduce the load/stress on fingers, hands and biceps which can reduce the risk of injury and tendinitis.

Tacky will allow you to lift bigger and heavier stones, as it improves your grip on the stone by literally sticking you to the stone!

Tacky will improve your form on the pickup of the stone and the explosive power of the triple extensions as you load it from your lap. By improving your grip on the stones it will allow you to put more focus on the pickup and the loading phases because you do not have to focus on gripping the stone as much. Also the improved grip will let you move much faster thus you can up more energy in to the loading your stone.

Which Tacky do I need?

Cerberus Atlas Tacky Strength Grade I has been formulated to be a light tacky in most weather conditions. This makes it a good training tacky - allowing good stick but also very easy to get on and off. In cold weather conditions it is pliable while maintaining its extreme stickiness. A great competition tacky for cold weather!

Atlas Tacky Strength Grade II has been formulated to provide strong stick yet still remain pliable in most weather conditions. It is easy to work with and does not require heating in order to be used. It makes a great all-round tacky and is good for training or competition.

Atlas Tacky Strength Grade III has been formulated to provide the strongest stick in our range. It is ideal for the heaviest stones and competition use and hot weather.

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