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The Ins And Outs Of Our Hellfire Smelling Salts With Vinny Jones

May 08, 2023

The History of Smelling Salts

Smelling salts have been utilized as a means of keeping alert for many centuries and records show they date back as far as the Roman times (possibly even earlier than that!). In more recent times, they were a popular medicinal item called sold as Mackenzie Salts which were used to reduce catarrh, headache symptoms and also revive people who had fainted.

Today they are used on a regular basis in Strongman & Powerlifting, with one time use ammonia capsules being a familiar sight on the platform and in gym halls. However many were calling for a reusable product which carried the same strength as a capsule. Roughly 3 years ago Cerberus Strength stepped into the market; purchasing a product made by Old Time Strength. This brand was already established with a product that was trusted and tried; they also happened to be the market leader in the UK for a few years.

The two companies worked hard together to develop bespoke products which has led to a full package of specialist products for the Strongman market. Through the continuous work and development we now have an incredible range of smelling salts with different scents and strengths which are sold worldwide.

Why Use Smelling Salts In Competitive Sports?

As stated they have been used in Strongman & Powerlifting for a long time. Vivid memories are there for all of competitors on TV sniffing into their hand, eyes bulging, neck veins protruding and then massive feats of strength being carried out. But what happens?

The science and evidence could show that when lifting, some participants become faint or dizzy (sometimes before even lifting). This can be down to nerves or a slowing of the heart rate triggered by a “vagal reflex”.

Smelling Salts quickly irritate the nasal mucosa and initiate a noxious reflex. This causes the heart to beat a little quicker and can counteract the vagal reflex. Depending on how much the lifter can sniff can often decide how long the effect lasts.

The non-science part is based on anecdotal evidence; lifters will say it fires them up, creates more alertness or state of readiness and just makes them feel more angry/focused. We cannot prove these things without some kind of study; but the proof for yourself will be how they make you feel when you’re lifting weights. We would argue that they have more than proved themselves in this area.

Why Do We Think Cerberus Salts Are The Best?

They are made In the UK with the ingredients now carrying a very low carbon footprint due to our supplier network and location. We have worked tirelessly for years making our product the best it can be and it just “works”. We are always looking to innovate, improve and exceed our customers’ expectations.

At the end of the day, we produce the strongest smelling salts you can buy. There is literally nothing stronger. And we keep those salts safe from youngsters with an EC rated childproof cap and thermoplastic liner to prevent leaks and the best ingredients money can buy.

As a brand Cerberus is always trying to innovate their products and create new releases for you our customers. We have brought several new products to the market which are unusual and we think you’ll absolutely love. Phoenix and Sub-Zero are genuinely products which we’re so proud to have introduced, with their unique scents and varying strength. Definitely give them a try!

The Cerberus Strength Hellfire Smelling Salts Range

  • Hellfire
    • This is the original smelling salt which started it all off for Cerberus
    • Updated formula for 2023 which is denser, longer lasting and carries a beginner level scent
    • Still strong and effective, this is a nice introduction to the world of smelling salts
  • Extreme
    • This is the pocket rocket… undeniably brutal for it’s size
    • Mixed with 5 ingredients for longevity and maximum impact
    • Very dense material and provides a long lasting consumer product
  • SubZero
    • If you want something more “refreshing” but with a very quick initial hit this is the salt for you
    • Leave the lid off for 30 seconds and you can inhale deeper, longer and really feel your nose opening up to more oxygen intake
    • Brilliant for general use in the winter too
  • Hades
    • Until Phoenix came along, this was the true King of all smelling salts
    • The subject of many videos & Instagram stories; there was nothing that could prepare people for the full onslaught that this smelling salt provides
    • It will mature over time and still be just as potent and is a mut have for anyone looking for the most serious competition smelling salt available (in our opinion)
  • Phoenix
    • This is considered the strongest smelling salt in our range; if Hades is the King then Phoenix is our Queen
    • Made with 9 different ingredients, it is potent, not for the faint of heart and carries ridiculous power
    • It has a mix of special herbs & spices to open the airways and “trick” the body into accepting more inhalant by opening more airways
    • The main ingredient is a Eugenol based spice (Clove) used in medical applications to numb pain and is an invigorating and mentally stimulating scent on its own
    • Mixed with ammonia and blended with other ingredients we consider it to be completely unique in the smelling salt market

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