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Everything You Wanted To Know About Tacky With Vinny Jones

April 18, 2023

Chances are, if you’re here, you know what tacky is. But if you don’t, here’s the lowdown.

Stones are, in my opinion the ultimate test of strength. They tend to appear at the end of a show when everyone is tired. This is where tacky will really come into its own and be the deciding factor between someone winning and losing.

Some say that tacky doesn’t matter which is logically flawed from the start. It literally stands to reason that if you use “bad” tacky or the wrong type for the conditions, then your ability to grip heavier stones will be impaired. The stone is likely to slide off your arms/sleeves and that win suddenly looks in danger.

The Cerberus Strength tacky was developed over several years, considering location and the conditions of the environment. A one size fits all model simply doesn’t work! Think of it like this; a summer coat isn’t much use in the Antarctic. Similarly, tacky by its very nature should have some factors about it which make it pliable, sticky, consistent and reliable. Due to the laws of physics at play, nothing can be completely pliable and sticky in all conditions as you have to deal with heat, humidity, friction-stress, sweat, gravity and environmental contaminants like sand.

What Is Tacky?

At its base level the main ingredient is pine resin which comes from trees. Like anything in this world, you get what you pay for. Resin from older trees is more expensive but really good to work with as an ingredient. As Cerberus Strength is a leading strongman brand of the utmost quality, it should not surprise you to know that only resin from the oldest trees from a sustainable source is used to produce the market leading tacky.

As for the other ingredients, this is a trade secret. In the journey to create the tacky, extensive research and developed was done to formulate the range of products. I am extremely confident in the fact that the Cerberus Strength tacky that was created is reliable and consistent in its performance; which most tacky’s lacked within the strongman industry.

Why Use Tacky? 

The main reason strength athletes utilise tacky is to aid them with lifting heavier stones. Whether it’s a single rep or a run; it’s a known fact that tacky is going to make a difference in your ability to complete the task at hand. For a select few tacky isn’t a requirement when lifting stones and they are certainly held in high regard. Like previously mentioned stones are typically left as a deciding factor at the end of a competition; so these “raw lifters” are definitely a sight to behold. Sadly however I have yet to witness anyone impress on the stones without using tacky in person.

For the majority we expect they will use the unique properties of tacky to save their biceps/tendons from ripping off due to impact, cumulative stress (very often forgotten about as a training concern) and increased strength curve potential. We would argue that with tacky you can lift heavier stones more often than you could without; that’s got to be a positive!

Which Tacky Is Right For Me?

Grade 1

In bitter winter climates or any Northern European countries ‘Grade I’ will be the most effective. This is because ‘Grade I’ has been formulated to be a light tacky, which is perfect for these type of climates. However For a really heavy lift, we would recommend ‘Grade II’ as it’s that next level in the grip ability range.

Grade 2

This tacky is the ultimate all round tacky, this happens to be my favourite tacky as well out of the whole range. This tacky is my favourite because, ‘Grade II’ has been formulated to provide a strong stick yet still remain pliable in most weather conditions. It works in the UK in all seasons, which makes it an extremely popular buy amongst the UK based customers. It’s my general go to for an all round stone run and a heavy one off. Its super simple to use, very easy to get out of the tub and has a place in my heart as the first tacky I ever produced.

Grade 3

Whilst ‘Grade II’ is my favourite, ‘Grade III’ since it launched, has essentially elevated the game within the Strongman industry. This is due to the fact that it has been formulated to provide the strong stick yet still be workable, it is ideal for heavy stones during training and competition. This tacky assisted me when I achieved lifting a 200kg/440lbs Atlas Stone and after this achievement it made me realise that this tacky was going to make a massive difference in the industry. We’ve seen athletes lift 220kg+ with this tacky in training and for stone to shoulder attempts. It’s tremendously affective for the UK during a heatwave in the summer months, so it’s a very useful addition to the bag.

Grade 4

If you’re in a hot country, with temperatures that typically exceeds 40°C or 104°F, then this tacky will be the most ideal out of the range. It has been formulated with top Strongmen and Strongwomen for use during competitions to provide the strongest stick of any tacky on the market. It is ideal for the heaviest stones and easy to apply. I’ve tested this ‘Grade IV’ tacky extensively in Thailand where the heat and humidity is ridiculous. It is also the tacky which Tom Stoltman used to win his first World’s Strongest Man which is forever etched in my mind. This tacky happens to also be the exact one which Tom used to lift the heaviest stone in history. You could say this is the ‘Daddy’ of all tacky’s and on that basis the biggest achievement of the product.

Biggest Mistakes Using Tacky

  1. Not using the right tacky for the climate – buy the right grade for the country/temperature you are in to prevent waste.
  2. Not having two grades in your bag to account for changing conditions – the UK especially changes the weather quicker than a toddler changing its mind about what TV programme to watch.
  3. Overworking the tacky – this is when the tacky starts taking on a more cloudy colour; tacky is strongest in the pot so get it on your arms, bed it in and then leave it be.
  4. Leaving the pot out in the sun – nothing will denature the tacky quicker than leaving it exposed to the conditions. Cerberus Strength Tacky is VERY resilient. But protect it from the elements.


I’ll be completely honest, even though I have stacks of this laying around I will take ‘Grade II & III’ to comps in the UK. I like to have the option depending on the conditions. You never know in this country if we have a sudden change in temperature; especially as we get into the later stages of the day. A midday stone run is different to a late afternoon one. So I make sure I’m prepped for any event and challenge.

It will also come down to some level of preference. What I can say is; watch our video on how to apply tacky to get the best out of it and also how to be more efficient with how much you use.

Why should you buy Cerberus Strength Tacky? It’s consistent, environmentally friendly, has world class athletes all trusting it at comps at the highest level and the world record stone lift using this tacky. 

It is also very easy to clean up with the Cerberus Strength ‘Tacky Remover’ (Another amazing product!) which was developed alongside the tacky. Get some Cerberus Strength Phoenix Salts in your nostrils, chuck on your tacky grade of choice and then dominate those stones on a regular basis. That’s the key to being a boss stone lifter.

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