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Congratulations on the purchase of your NEW Heavy Duty Sandbag V2! You will have received 1x Heavy Duty Sandbag Shell V2, 1x Sandbag Liner and 2x Heavy Duty Cable Ties.

Now let's get it filled!

Step 1:

Firstly roll down the top of the HD sandbag shell so you have the inner collar showing at the top of the bag. Make sure the bag is fully open all the way to the bottom and is not folded in on itself.


Step 2:
Open out the liner fully all the way to the bottom, just like the sandbag shell. Put your hand inside the sandbag liner right to the bottom and push it inside the sandbag shell making sure it is pushed right to the bottom of the sandbag shell and that both are fully opened out and not folded in on each other. Now roll down the top of the liner so it is easier to work with.



Step 3:
Now we can start to fill the liner with sand. You can scoop your chosen sand using a scoop, trowel or carefully with a shovel. As you are filling make sure you are spreading the sand out within the sandbag. Stop every so often and pick the bag up by the liner and shell and shake the sand down to make sure it fills evenly and the inner liner is not folded inside the shell.  Repeat this until the bag is filled with the desired amount of sand. 

Top Tip - weigh out your sand first or buy  pre-measured bags as it is easier to weigh and move about small bags/amounts of sand than to weigh a fully filled 130kg sandbag.


Step 4:
Unroll the liner bag back up, then twist it until it is tight and is hard against the sand inside. Now take one of your cable ties and zip it tightly around the part you have twisted down. Cut off the excess piece of cable. Next take the twist top of the liner and fold it back down on its self then take the other cable tie and put it around the whole folded top and tighten it. You can trim off any excess liner if necessary, depending on the size of your sandbag.




Step 5: 
Folded back up the top of the sandbag shell, pull the draw string tight on the inner collar and use the toggle on the draw sting to secure it. Then put a light knot in the excess of the draw string as pictured. 


Step 6: 
Now gather up the top and twist it together, the nylon strap and fastener secures the strap as pictured. 



Step 7: 
Now go get some lifting done! 




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