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Sandbags, A New Twist On Training!

By Ken Nowicki August 08, 2017

If you're looking for a way to shake up training sessions and really tax your body from all angles meet your new best friend... sandbag training!!

There are a number of benefits of sandbag training over conventional training with barbell & dumbbells and this article is here to tell you about them and how you can incorporate the new style of training into your gym routine.

Keep Your Body Guessing...

The traditional compound movements you normally see in the gym are tried and tested, but they don't provide the best in functional strength gains to transfer into daily life. 

Robert Gillanders, a spokesman for the American Physical Therapy Association, found that using an unstable load such as sandbags forces you to recruit more muscles in unison to execute the full range of motion during movements compared to traditional methods. Look at it as revealing your backstage muscles while putting a twist on old moves.


Forget About ‘Normal’ Weights…

Due to the unstable nature of loads that sandbag training provides you can train with far less weight compared to barbells and other normal gym equipment… 100lbs on a barbell is extremely different to 100lbs in a sandbag. Don’t let that be a hit to your ego though, because you’re about to blow past everyone in terms of muscle gain and strength unlike everyone using the old methods. 

HIIT Training Is About To Mean Something Entirely Different…

We’ve all been there; you get to the gym, the clock is ticking and all the equipment is occupied. Grab some sandbags, create a circuit and crush some HIIT training. It’s not going to be easy, the rugged twist is brutal and in a short time after a few rounds of burpees, lunges, squats, and pressing you’ll be caked in sweat,  gasping for air while revving your metabolism into new fat burning ranges.

Time For New PRs…

Once your body gets accustomed to the new movements of sandbag training, you’ll see HUGE carry over to your traditional movements such as deadlifts and overhead pressing because now you have all those underlying muscles stronger and working in unison too. 

Train Like A Strongman And A Crossfitter…

While still new to the masses, sandbag training has been around for decades in the strongman and crossfire communities. Exercises range from loading 300lb sandbags like atlas stones in strongman to the hugely functional 200m races in crossfit to really tax you from all angles in every way possible.


So what are you waiting for, go check out our full range of sandbags and get yours now... CLICK HERE NOW!!

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